Bringing alloy wheels back to showroom condition

The Ultimate Finish

At Mac Alloys we only offer you the best possible service for Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment.

Vehicle customisation continues to be a multi million pound market for enthusiasts and professionals around the world maximizing the appearance vehicle for shows/expos, hobbies or for the sales market.

Mac Alloys can powder coat alloy wheels, vehicle frames, suspension parts, core supports, mudguards, brackets, hubs, motorcycle and quad frames, swing arms and so much more. As we say the list is almost endless!

In order for Mac Alloys to restore you wheels, all wheels need to be removed from the vehicle and have the tyres removed. Then the wheels or other items need to be shot blasted. Dont worry!, we will direct you to a company not a stones throw away from our unit.

Once you bring us your item we will repair any damage* (if possible we will discuss this with you), apply a primer coat and then powder coat the complete wheel or item in the colour of your choice. After which you have the option to have the wheel Lacquered returning it to you in an as new or better quality that we received it/them. We have a wide range of powder coat colours and can always *order colours in to match your project. This may add extra cost to your final invoice.

Click here to view all Colour Charts available at Mac Alloys.

Here are the reasons we powder coat over any other method:

Mac Alloys use the very best in powder coating technology. we believe that powder coating alloy wheels has so many more beneifits than wet spray. The benefits of the process of powder coating are numerous.

First, powder coating results in a thick, dense finish on metal products which can be more durable and longer lasting than conventional painting.

Second, powder coating is typically a one coat finish so the process can be quite quick and easy.

Third, powder coating can include multiple custom finishing colors and textures as the powders which are sprayed onto the item can be expertly manipulated.

Fourth, powder coating is an environmentally safe finishing process because it produces few volatile organic compounds.

Finally, powder coating creates the most even finished surfaces (horizontal and vertical surfaces) because the powder is sprayed and heated across without drips or application traces.

We understand this is alot of information to take in, but believe us! It makes sense and will guarantee your project lasts alot longer!

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Examples of our work

BMW Alloys Refurbished in 9003 Gloss White powder coat
SAAB alloy wheel refurbishment in auto body gloss black powdercoat
BSS Alloy wheel refurbishment finished in gun metal grey powder coat
Mercedes AMG Gun Metal Grey Powder Coat
Atech Finalspeed Eraso Alloy Wheel Refurb
BMW Alloy refurb in silver sparkle
Gun Metal Grey Powder Coat
Red Mercedes Hub Cap Powder Coat
Vauxhall Astra Gloss Black
BMW Mini Autobody Gloss Black
Gold Powder Coat
Vauxhall Astra Gloss Black
Dodge Nitro
Thinspoke Refurb
Gloss Black BMW Mini Alloy Restoration
Silver Sparkle Alloy Wheel Refurb inm Powder Coat
BMW Mini Alloy Wheel Refurb in White Powder Coat
Steel Wheel Refurb in Silver Powder Coat
Range Rover Alloy Respray
Alloy Refurb Silver Powder Coat
VW Gloss Black Alloy Powder Coat
Range Rover Powder Coat Respray Silver
Alloy Refurb in Gold Powder Coat
Gloss Black Alloy Powder Coat Respray
Alloy Wheel Repsray in Red Powder Coat
Black Alloy Refurb in Gloss Black Powder Coat
Alloy Wheel Repray in Silver Powder Coat
Chrome Powder Coat
Minilite Wheel in Matt Black Powder Coat
Team Dynamic Racing Wheel in White Powder Coat

More Services

More than just wheels

When your motorcycle or quad frame needs refurbishing bring it to us. We have huge experience in shotblasting, repairing and powder coating motorcycle & quad frames. Motor cycle frames are a perfect candidate for being shot blasted and powder coated, and the results will astound you.

As well as having your motor cycle frame powder coated we can also completely refurbish your motor cycle wheels and your swing arm. Again these can be finished in any colour you wish. We’ve refurbished many wheels in Orange, Yellow, Black, Cherry Red and many more RAL colours.

Examples of our work